Zedaro GRNWIZZER-12.00R0.10-44.5HAW44.5-N37CG1 (0734950)

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The 'Green' line of tooling is designed specifically for cutting wrought aluminum alloys (Non-Ferrous)

The 'Wizzer' line is a tight-tolerance finishing tool which is intended for facing; primarily using the face of the tool to generate final part geometry. This line is intended for machine tools with spindles capable of speeds up to 20K rpm.

'R' form tools are the classic end-mill shape, straight sides (flanks) with corners ranging from sharp (flat tip) to completely round (ball tip). This form is the most common of all, and good for almost everything.

Tool Properties
Name GRNWIZZER-12.00R0.10-44.5HAW44.5-N37CG1
EDP # 0734950
Material Wrought Aluminum
Application Finish Face Milling <20k RPM (Wizzer)
Form End Mill - Bull / Rounded Corner
Cutting Diameter 0.4724" 12.000 mm
Corner Radius 0.0039" 0.100 mm
Taper per Side 0.0°
Length of Cut 0.4724" 12.000 mm
Reach 1.7520" 44.500 mm
Minimum Extension 1.8" 44.5 mm
Maximum Extension 2.7" 68.6 mm
Shank Diameter h6 0.5000" 12.700 mm
Overall Length 3.7" 94 mm
Cutting Edges 3

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