ORGFEEDER-3.000F0.03-10.0HUM12.7-G25AB1 (0464445)

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The 'Orange' line of tooling is designed specifically for cutting nickel-based high temperature superalloys.

The 'Feeder' line is designed for aggressive feed-mill roughing. This line of cutting tools is not designed to produce finish surfaces, but rather to achieve maximum material removal rates using the entire face of the tool and a relatively shallow depth of cut per pass combined with high feed rates and a special profile which takes advantage of axial chip thinning.

'F' form tools are intended for feed-milling; shallow cutting at high feed. They have back-relieved flanks and are not intended to be used to cut past their widest point.

Tool Properties
Name ORGFEEDER-3.000F0.03-10.0HUM12.7-G25AB1 (0464445)
EDP # 0464445
Material High-Temp Super-Alloys
Application Rough Feed Millling (Feeder)
Form Feed Mill
Cutting Diameter 0.1181" 3.000 mm
Equivalent Corner Rad 0.0012" 0.030 mm
Taper per Side 0.0°
Length of Cut 0.0142" 0.360 mm
Reach 0.3937" 10.000 mm
Minimum Extension 0.5" 12.7 mm
Maximum Extension 2.1" 54.0 mm
Shank Diameter h6 0.2500" 6.350 mm
Overall Length 2.5" 63 mm
Cutting Edges 2
<!-CUTTING PARAMS=====================================================>
Cutting Parameters - Feed Milling @10.2K
Coolant Low Pressure
Tool Extension (Stickout) 1.0000" 25.400 mm
Step Over (Radial, Ae) 0.0906" 2.300 mm
Step Down (Axial, Ap) 0.0059" 0.150 mm
Spindle Speed (S) 10200 RPM
Feed Rate (F) 49 in/min 1250 mm/min
Cutting Speed (Vc) 315 ft/min 96 m/min

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