Ceratizit 3D0220-06250.12500.R02.A00060.HA.B270 End Milling Cutter 5900362520 (0643515)

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Ceratizit Article Number: 5900362520

Ceratizit Material Number: 12185472

Ceratizit is a large tooling company based in Luxembourg (Europe).

This product is priced singly and comes in packs of 1.

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Name Ceratizit 3D0220-06250.12500.R02.A00060.HA.B270 End Milling Cutter 5900362520
EDP # 0643515
Workpiece Material(s) Aluminum (Green) All Materials (White)
Weight (1 pc.) 8.0 oz 240 g
Cutting diameter / DC +0.000/-0.002 0.6250" 15.875 mm
Depth of cut maximum / APMX 1.2500" 31.750 mm
Neck Diameter / DN 0.6000" 15.240 mm
Head length / LH 1.8750" 47.625 mm
Protruding length / LPR 2.1102" 53.600 mm
Overall length / OAL 4.0000" 101.600 mm
Mounting spigot diameter / DCONMS -0.0001 / -0.0004 0.6250" 15.875 mm
Corner chamfer width / CHW 0.0060" 0.152 mm
Peripheral effective cutting edge count / ZEFP 2
Coating name / Grade (Ceratizit) / COATN blank

Suitable Materials:

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Company History:

The company is a result of the merging of Metallwerk Plansee GmbH (Austria, 1921, later 'Plansee Tizit') and CERAMETAL (Luxembourg, 1931). The name Ceratizit was created by combining their names in 2002. Both founding companies originally produced molybdenum wire and tungsten lightbulb filaments, and were pioneers in commercial cemented tungsten carbide (since as early as 1929!) and their metal working / cutting tool product lines currently add up to over 80,000 items!

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