Rego-Fix MR 25 Ø 1/2" Collet 1125.12706 (0644981)

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Rego-Fix is a leading tool holder brand based in Switzerland since 1950.

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Name Rego-Fix MR 25 Ø 1/2" Collet 1125.12706
EDP # 0644981
Weight (1 pc.) 2.0 oz 60.3 g
Total Indicated Runout (TIR) 0.0001" 0.002 mm
Clamping Range 0.5000" 12.700 mm
Coolant-thru Capable No

Product Features:

- REGO-FIX invented the ER collet

- Superior collet slot design

- Superior surface finish

- Improved clamping length on small diameters

- Manufactured in Switzerland

Technical Reference Files:

PDF Drawing

DXF Profile


Background Information:

Hi-Q / MR clamping nuts with collet-locking system for high-speed and high-precision applications. The grooveless micRun Hi-Q clamping nuts lower noise levels. Special treatment lowers frictional forces resulting in up to 80 % higher gripping force over standard nontreated clamping nuts. A patent pending locking system retains the collet in nut for easier assembly, and requires no tool to remove the collet. A fine thread instead of a ball bearing together with a low friction design make our micRun Hi-Q clamping nuts one of the best high-precision clamping nuts on the market.

Company History:

The beginning of what has become Rego-Fix was Fritz Weber founding "Fritz Weber Feinmechanik und Werkzeugbau" in Reigoldswil, Switzerland in 1950. His first serially manufactured product was a broomholder; a humble origin that has shaped the company's history for many years. By 1955 the company employed 15 people and began to venture into toolmaking, and by 1970 also had become a successful brand in cheese cutting, as well as yoghurt and gas bottling machines. In 1972 Rego-Fix invented the ER machine collet system, the innovation which would make the company world-renown. Interestingly, the mechanism for the ER collet system had been used in broom handles from the beginning, but the application to machine tools was much more important. Tool holding technology was continuously developed by the company since that moment, and has produced an additional revolutionary system, PowRgrip. Today Rego-Fix is recognized at the top level of premium brands in the machining industry.

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