Rego-Fix HSK-E 32 / PG 6 x 080 2532.70644 (0645979)

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REGO-FIX HSK-E 32 / PG 6 x 080 Projection, 0.0001" TIR, Balanced to 25,000 RPM

Rego-Fix is a leading tool holder brand based in Switzerland since 1950.

The HSK system was invented in Germany in the 1990's and is now very commonly found in European machine tools and spindles. HSK stands for 'Hohl Shaft Kegel' - 'Hollow Shank Taper', and as the name implies this type of interface has a cavity running through it. Unlike classical 'pull-stud' designs (CAT, BT, SK etc), HSK uses an internal drawbar mechanism which results in clamping force increasing with rotational speed. Additionally, the form features dual contact; on an axial face and the cone (1:10), which puts HSK in the upper echelons of tool holder performance.

The HSK-E form is designed for extreme speeds; with all sources of unbalance removed. This type still has a ring feature for automatic tool changing, but does not have any feature for integrating RFID chips

The classic PG collet design, perfect for all standard machining applications, guaranteed for 5 years / 20,000 clamping cycles with proper procedure and h6 tool shanks.

Specifications for HSK-E 32 / PG 6 x 080 :
- Manufactured in Switzerland
- Balanced to 60,000 RPM
- Total system runout 0.0003" TIR
- High Vibration Damping

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