Rego-Fix CYL-T 1 1/4" / PG 15 x 045 2631.71523 (0646045)

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REGO-FIX CYL-T 1 1/4" / PG 15 x 045 Projection, 0.0001" TIR, h6 Tolerance Shank

Rego-Fix is a leading tool holder brand based in Switzerland since 1950.

Cylindrical shank tool holders are as simple as it gets. Depending on whether there are extra shank features these items are used as tool holder extensions or static holders, with the cylindrical shank being held in between a machine spindle specific tool holder or multi-tasking tooling station, and the cutting tool.

This item features a DIN 1835-1 shank form, which is just a long flat on one side for clamping screws.

These are not suitable for use as rotating extensions!

The classic PG collet design, perfect for all standard machining applications, guaranteed for 5 years / 20,000 clamping cycles with proper procedure and h6 tool shanks.

Specifications for CYL-T 1 1/4" / PG 15 x 045 :
- Manufactured in Switzerland
- h6 Tolerance Shank
- Total system runout 0.0003" TIR
- High Vibration Damping

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