Rego-Fix C8 / MA 22 x 030 2808.02210 (0646110)

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Rego-Fix is a leading tool holder brand based in Switzerland since 1950.

The Capto system was invented by Sandvik in 1990 and utilizes a high-precision tapered polygonal form. This provides highly accurate rotational indexing and zero-slip torque transmission; excellent for both milling and turning applications. Note that non-Capto 'PSC or PSK - Polygonal Shank Compatible' holders can be used with Capto interfaces.

Standard Capto interface.

The conventional universal face/shell mill holder format flange is slightly larger than the ISO 3937, and should only be used when ISO 3937 or other standards are not mentioned in the tool specifications.

Please note that the actual item may not be/look exactly the same as shown in the item picture, and check all available info/links for reference or contact us for clarification.

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