Rego-Fix SK+ 40 / PG 15 x 080 H 4240.71546 (0646295)

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Rego-Fix is a leading tool holder brand based in Switzerland since 1950.

The SK system utilizes a proven 'fast taper' (7:24) self-releasing format. These conform to DIN ISO 7388-1 (formerly DIN 69871). Note that ISO, CAT, BT, and SK are NOT interchangeable even though they use the same basic taper!.

The SK+ modification follows the Big Plus System specifications under license from BIG Daishowa, namely an AT1 quality cone and double contact.

The classic PG collet design, perfect for all standard machining applications, guaranteed for 5 years / 20,000 clamping cycles with proper procedure and h6 tool shanks.

Please note that the actual item may not be/look exactly the same as shown in the item picture, and check all available info/links for reference or contact us for clarification.

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