GRYSTRIPR-8.000R2.00-25.0CTZ27.0-I24_5230408000 (0649797)

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H.TO.8,0.30.Z2.R2,0.HB.L TI2000 SOLID CARBIDE TORUS MILLING CUTTER Radius accuracy: 0,005 mm for 6,0 mm / 0,01 mm for > 6,0 mm or 5.0 mm,angle tolerance b and a: 0.5

Mat No: 5230408000, Article No: 52304080

Ceratizit Group is an industry leader in solid carbide cutting tool technology.

High performance end mill for hardened steel

R form tools are the classic end-mill shape,with straight sides (flanks) and in this case a flat tip and rounded corners. This form is perfect for prismatic features which require rounded fillets at the base of wall features,or,optimizing complex surfacing.

Please note that the actual item may not be/look exactly the same as shown in the item picture(s).

Name GRYSTRIPR-8.000R2.00-25.0CTZ27.0-I24_5230408000 (0649797)
EDP # 0649797
Workpiece Material(s) Steel (Blue) Hard/Tool Steel (Grey)
Weight 1.6 oz 45 g
Peripheral effective cutting edge count ZEFP/Z 2
Cutting diameter DC/d1 0.315 inch 8 mm
Corner radius RE/r 0.01 0.0787 inch 2 mm
Depth of cut maximum APMX/l2 0.2756 inch 7 mm
Neck Diameter DN/d3 0.2992 inch 7.6 mm
Head length LH/l3 0.9843 inch 25 mm
Protruding length LPR/l5 1.063 inch 27 mm
Overall length OAL/l1 2.4803 inch 63 mm
Mounting spigot diameter DCONMS/d2 h5 0.315 inch 8 mm

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