Mapal SCD661-0620-3-3-145HA03-HP358 Tritan-Drill-Steel 30902060 (0673640)

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Mapal Order Number: 30902060

Mapal, Founded in Aalen, Germany in 1950

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Name Mapal SCD661-0620-3-3-145HA03-HP358 Tritan-Drill-Steel 30902060
EDP # 0673640
Product Class Performance-Line
Drilling Depth 3xD
Drilling Depth Value 0.7323" 18.600 mm
d1 0.2441" 6.200 mm
d2 0.3150" 8.000 mm
l1 3.1102" 79.000 mm
l2 1.3386" 34.000 mm
l3 0.9449" 24.000 mm
l4 1.4173" 36.000 mm
Cooling Internal Cooling
Number Of Cutting Edges (z) 3
Shank Tolerance h6
Bore Tolerance ≥ IT 9
Shank Type HA
Tip Angle 145°
Side Rake Angle 30°
Material Group

Product Features:

- The three-fluted solid carbide drill Tritan-Drill-Steel offers very high efficiency due to high feed rates with a long tool life. It is characterised by a self-centring cross cutting edge and is particularly suitable for difficult spot drilling situations.

Technical Reference Files:

Technical drawing in dxf

Technical drawing in pdf

Technical drawing in tif

3D envelope in stp

DIN 4000 XML in xml

Tool Form:

'R' form tools are the classic end-mill shape, with straight sides (flanks) and in this case a flat tip with generally sharp corners. This form is the most common of all, and perfect for prismatic features.

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