Emuge-Franken M 8X0.75-ISO2/6H 1ENORM B0501000.0250 (0689807)

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M 8X0.75-ISO2/6H 1ENORM

Article No: B0501000.0250

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Emuge-Franken was founded in 1920 by Richard Glimpel, and was the inventor the spiral point tap in 1921.Originally separate entities, Franken preceded Emuge, and Mr. Glimpel actually worked for Franken for a short period in 1920 before starting a company he co-owned with Otto Moschkau, known as Moschkau & Glimpel, or "MuG", which is pronounced in German as "em-ooo-gey". The Franken company was bought by Mr. Glimpel in 1958 which created the Emuge-Franken title recognized today. For detailed company history you can read more here.

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OEM Part Name M 8X0.75-ISO2/6H 1ENORM
EDP # 0689807
Part Number B0501000.0250
Inventory USA - No. Germany - Yes
Description M 8 x 0.75 - Tap - Enorm
Size M 8
Pitch 0.75
Chamfer Form C
Chamfer 2 -3 P
Thread Standard MF
Class 6H
Coolant Fed No
Coating Bright
Material HSSE
Flute / Helix Angle 35˚
Shank 8 mm
Overall Length 80 mm
Thread Length 14 mm
Flute Direction RH
Dimension Standards DIN/DIN

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