Moldino EPDRP2004-4-09005-TH 902186 (0738863)

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Moldino EDP: 902186

Moldino Part Number: EPDRP2004-4-09005-TH

Moldino Description: EPDRP EM D0.4MM UNL 4MM

Headquartered in Hilden near Düsseldorf.

This product is priced singly and comes in packs of 1.

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Name Moldino EPDRP2004-4-09005-TH 902186
EDP # 0738863

Company History:

Moldino is a subsidiary of the Japanese Mitsubishi Materials Corporation; a long-established group which unites numerous companies in various business areas under its umbrella. The majority of Moldino tools are produced in Japan and are thus subject to the high-quality standards of the entire group of companies.

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