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GRNDRIFTR-9.525R0.00-21.0HAR13-J25AB1 EDP# 0637043

Our Green Drifter line is a general purpose roughing and finishing tool for aerospace aluminum alloys. Specifically the Drifter line is designed for machine tools with 20,000 rpm spindles. At this size the Green Drifter is a 3 flute tool (can vary with size), and incorporates our proprietary flute surface treatment producing a high lubricity finish specially optimized to handle a wide variety of cutting conditions. The cutting flutes incorporate our special blend of fully variable geometry (including helix, pitch, spacing, location and size).

*********** Tool Data ***********

Material: Aerospace Aluminum (Green)
Application: General Machining @ 20k (Drifter)
Drifter = 3 flutes, full variable geometry, balanced
Diameter: 9.525mm (3/8")
Corner Rad: 0.00mm (0")
Form: Flat End Mill
LOC: 2.2xD (Harpy)
LOC: 20.955 (Harpy)
Shank Diameter: 9.525mm (3/8")
OAL: 63.5mm (2.5")

*********** Machining Parameters ***********

Step over (radial): 0.078"
Step down (Axial) : 0.825"
RPM : 20,000
Feed (In/min) : 78
MRR (In^3/min) : 5.02

Full Depth Slot (Requires High Pressure Coolant):
Step over (radial): 0.375"
step down (axial) : 0.825"
RPM : 20,000
Feed (In/Min) : 39
MRR (In^3/min) : 12.06

Step over (radial) :0.004"
Step down (Axial) :0.825"
RPM :8000
Feed (In/Min) :31